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Assay of serum trypsin-like immunoreactivity TLI is a highly sensitive and specific test and should be used for diagnosis of EPI. Weight loss may be compounded by reduced nutrient intake due to inappetence.

Merck Veterinary Manual

The prognosis is worse the more severe the small-intestinal pathology. Histologic examination of intestinal biopsy specimens can identify morphologic changes in intestinal inflammation including lymphocytic-plasmacytic enteritis and eosinophilic enteritisintestinal lymphangiectasia, villous atrophy, and intestinal neoplasia.

Tritrichomonas typically causes colitis in cats rather than malabsorption and is best diagnosed by pouch culture or PCR. EPI is relatively uncommon in cats and is most frequently diet dog merck vet to chronic pancreatitis. Each accident indoors sets the process back a little, so the fewer accidents, the better.

In addition, EPI can affect serum folate and cobalamin concentrations, and changes in serum folate and cobalamin concentrations are unreliable for the diagnosis of ARD and secondary antibiotic-responsive diarrhea.

Deconjugated bile salts and hydroxy fatty acids exacerbate diarrhea by stimulating colonic secretion.

Speciation of Campylobacter isolates by PCR allows distinction of the pathogenic C jejuni from the more common and probable commensal C upsaliensis. Lack of pancreatic enzymes maldigestion Luminal Antibiotic-responsive diarrhea, secondary small-intestinal bacterial overgrowth Bacterial activity: The presence of fat, undigested muscle fibers, or starch in feces may provide indirect evidence for malabsorption, but these are unreliable.

Acid suppressants eg, H2-receptor blockers, such as cimetidine or ranitidine; proton pump inhibitors, such as omeprazole may be given 20 min before a meal to inhibit acid secretion and to minimize acid degradation of enzymes in the pancreatic extract, but they are expensive and their value is questionable.

Giardia can be detected using serial zinc sulfate fecal flotations or a commercially available ELISA; the latter is easier to perform, and its sensitivity is better than fecal flotation performed by inexperienced personnel. The diagnosis of small-intestinal disease is difficult because of limitations of routine screening procedures, the need for biopsy, and frequently the absence of diagnostic histologic changes.

Thickened bowel loops or enlarged mesenteric lymph nodes may be palpable, especially in cats.

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If a laparotomy is performed, multiple elliptical, longitudinal biopsy samples should be collected from the duodenum, jejunum, and ileum; mesenteric lymph nodes should be biopsied and other organs examined.

The key is to take the puppy outdoors at the times that dogs naturally eliminate and to praise them enthusiastically when they do.

Repeated or longterm treatment may be necessary in dogs with idiopathic ARD. Diets generally contain moderate levels of limited protein sources and highly digestible carbohydrates to reduce protein antigenicity, reduce osmolar effects, and improve nutrient availability and low to moderate levels of fat.Dog Sana Hermetia - Alle Produkte24,90 €Vet-Concept.

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In dogs with ARD, a low-fat diet may help by minimizing secretory diarrhea due to bacterial metabolism of fatty acids and bile salts.

Oral broad-spectrum antibiotic therapy with oxytetracycline (10–20 mg/kg, tid for 28 days) has been successful. The Merck Veterinary Manual.likes. Our manual is the most widely used for animal health site is intended only for residents of.

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Malabsorption Syndromes in Small Animals

Merck Veterinary Manual Pancreatitis _ SEE ALL MERCK MANUALS Veterinary Professionals. _ The risk of mortality in dogs with pancreatitis undergoing extrahepatic biliary surgery may be.

Diet dog merck vet
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